Bicycle diaries, Italy. Tuscany loop.


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On yer bike, Bretto.

Day 1. A loop around San Querricco D'Orcea. We rode 58 km today through stunning scenery. Although that doesn't sound like much, there was 1,100 metres of vertical ascent in that. In combination with some Italian brandy after dinner, and sitting in the quiet of my hotel room, I am very close to sleep. But back to the story….

This guy is Radu, the excellent guide from Exodus. His impersonation of Usain Bolt might not be his greatest skill. Just saying.

What the heck, here are some photos of the landscape and other riders. You can fairly much tell what they are.

This hill was a beauty. Two kilometres of 8 to 15% slope. Some of it was quite tiring to walk up.
This is where we went – just in case you are passing through.
It was a really great day. Sunshine, smiles, ice-cream, coffee. Heaven? I think yes.

And tomorrow? More of it! WooHoo. Ciao. Tam biet.