Sea Side Scenes from Sihanoukville (and an aside about two sad dolphins)

The pictures tell the story of my last two days on the beach at Sihanoukville.


The main beach (Ocheteual beach) is really good. Nice white sand, and the water away from the shore is clear and warm.


The food may be delivered on the head of a local. These are lobsters. From a lobster farm. The women sit in groups and talk incessantly. They are very hard working.


Great seafood (cooked right there on charcoal) and dodgy burgers are two choices for food. It seems that Australians and Americans eat a lot of burgers here. Madness takes many forms, and eating burgers while in Cambodia is one of them.

The jetty, where the boats go to several islands. I’ll never know because I didn’t go.

More merchants.


But it’s not all good. There are drains and sewers running onto the beach. Often close to the seats and umbrellas and the food stalls. Is the poolution the reason why the concrete dolphins look sad? 

There is a HUGE need to help the dolphins, beaches, seas and reefs by controlling runoff and sewerage in SE Asian cities. Hopefully, beautiful beaches like this won’t become too degraded before the situation is cleaned up.

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